College declares war on waste

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St Ursula’s students recently held a waste audit to determine just how much rubbish is generated by the school community.

The College’s Student Environmental Action (SEA) Club members gloved up and sorted a day’s waste piece-by-piece to see if more could be being done to reuse, recycle and compost waste that ends up in the bin.

During recess and lunch, students were excited and curious to get involved in the audit; helping sort the waste and suggesting ways the school could be more environmentally sustainable.

After just one recess and lunch, the school’s rubbish weighed in at 23.8 kilograms. This put into perspective for students just how much waste they produce – along with the huge potential that exists to reduce this waste.

The event was a great success and an important step in the journey to become more waste-conscious. It also highlighted why it is so important to clean up each day so that rubbish does not fly away or be consumed by birds and animals.

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