‘Chase the Change’ in 2021

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Our College theme for 2021 is Chase the Change, which underpins the notions of individual, collective and global change and embodies the ideologies associated with being agents of positive change.

St Ursula’s College has a long history of staff, students and parents uniting together in faith and strength and working together in the Serviam spirit in order to live out our Ursuline and Gospel values and act in service to others.

St Angela Merici chased her dream to foster a company of women working together to educate women, and in doing so affected real change in her time. Our College theme this year encourages us to do the same. We are encouraging students to have a voice and actively aspire to achieve change through perseverance.

To be true to the spirit of St Angela, we are inspired to be women of action, to take risks, to persevere and to be strong in our faith. We can Chase the Change and work towards the reality we wish to see in the world, just as St Angela did. By stepping out of our comfort zone and trying new things, we can be agents of change like St Angela and her company of women.

Our staff, students and families are inspired by the principles of the Ursulines, working to make the world a better place, in the spirit of Serviam. We hope that you will also be inspired to Chase the Change in your own lives.

Sienna Williams & Vanessa Raptis

College Captain & College Vice Captain

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