Six new Houses for 2021

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The St Ursula’s College House Cup is a College-wide initiative that fosters engagement with school activities, helps students build links with their peers across year groups and galvanises school spirit.

Our students are each placed into a house when they commence studies at St Ursula’s and work together with their housemates to accrue points across the year for their house. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the coveted House Cup.

Past, present and future

To start the 2021 school year, in order to create more opportunities our students to feel a sense of connection and belonging in the College community, we rolled out a dynamic new house system that took our houses from four to six. We also rebranded the houses to incorporate new names, patrons, colours, symbols and mottos for each house.

Embracing our history, house names and patrons were drawn from inspiring women who were involved in the Ursuline story across the years – Girelli, Merici, Purcell, Rowland, Sheahan and Wippern. Taking things in a bright new direction, stimulating colours were carefully selected to bring to life the new houses in a vibrant way, mottos were introduced that reflect the ideals of the patrons and iconic symbols were designed that celebrate these significant Ursuline figures and the house mottos.


Running throughout each new house is a common element and theme. The theme is ‘insieme’, which means together or in one gathering, company, mass, place or body. It shows the unity of the houses and the College community and also references the 2021 College theme ‘Chase the Change’, where students are challenged to work together to create the change they want to see in the world.

A uniting element is also present in each house symbol, further strengthening the sense of ‘insieme’ and togetherness in the new house system. It creates a flow through effect that serves to show that even though these houses create opportunities for friendly competition and rivalry, they also serve as a way to unite all of the College community in one system that strives to be better together.

Learn more about our house system and the meaning behind the names, symbols, colours and mottos here.

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