College Motto and Crest

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May all who wear the Ursuline badge be outstanding in their courageous leadership, service of others and a spirit of hope and joy in the Risen Lord.

College Motto

Our College Motto SERVIAM is Latin for I will serve.

College Crest

The College Crest is proudly displayed on our College badge. This badge is the same one worn by every student attending an Ursuline school throughout the world and unites us with our global sisters.

The key features of the Crest are the:


At the top of the crest is a field of seven stars, symbolising the heights to which we must aspire. The stars represent the Little Bear constellation, known as Ursa Minor. This constellation is found in the northern hemisphere and points to the Polar Star, which would guide ancient travellers. ‘Ursa’ recalls St Ursula, our patroness, who challenges us to reach our own pole star, Christ.


Under the stars, sits the Holy Cross, reminding us of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. This symbol is a reminder to our students they can feel joyful and confident because Jesus is risen.


Jesus’ life was one of courageous service; even to the point of death. Our College Motto at the base of the crest, SERVIAM, is a call to serve God and others.

Adapted from Extract of the address of Pope Pius IX to French Ursuline Pupils explaining the meaning of their school badge in 1933.