Strategic Plan

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Our Strategic Plan provides a road map for how St Ursula’s will prepare our students for the world of tomorrow.

Our students are learning and living in a rapidly changing environment. In the coming years, they will face opportunities and challenges that are today only dreams in the minds of innovative thinkers.

Our College Mission, Values, Vision and Motto are embedded in each of our strategic priorities and in how we will measure our success in achieving them.

How was our Strategic Plan developed?

Our new Strategic Plan was developed through an extensive Inquiry and Review process, conducted in partnership with a team from Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) in 2019. Our College Leadership Team, in collaboration with our staff ,students, parents and parish clergy, were invited to reflect on the successes of, and learnings from our existing Strategic Plan, and to ‘dream forward’.

These stakeholders had the opportunity to respond to a survey and participate in interviews with the Inquiry and Review team to contribute their ideas about the future of our College.

The SCS team then made recommendations to our College Leadership Team which supported and affirmed our ‘dreaming forward’. From this process, recommendations were made by the Leadership Team, which in consultation with the whole community formed the basis of our 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

Our Strategic Plan is necessarily agile, to ensure we can take advantage of new opportunities that arise which can help us progress towards our goals.

2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan will be available here very soon. Stay tuned!