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St Ursula’s alumnae can be found in all walks of life. We encourage our former students to continue to participate in the life of our College community.

Are you a past student?

We love to keep in touch with our former students and staff and find out about your lives after St Ursula’s.

Many of you have returned to the College as mentors, speakers and guests at our functions. Countless close ties fostered at our school have been strengthened through the many reunions and informal activities held for our alumnae over the years. Hearing about your journey can enrich the lives of our current students.

How to stay connected

As a member of our Community and alumnae, we encourage you to:

Alumnae registration form

Please fill out this form to register your details to receive the College's emailed alumnae newsletter, 'Piazza'.
  • e.g Year 12 2010

We can help you host a reunion

If you are organising a St Ursula’s reunion, did you know there are a number of ways we can help? We are able to contact students from your year to advise them of the upcoming event and provide them with your contact details. Our fortnightly College newsletter Serviam and the College website are other places you can advertise the event.

Please fill in and submit the form below so we can keep a record of your event for our archives and also assist you where needed.

Let us know about your event.

Complete the St Ursula’s College Reunion form:

Alumnae reunion form

  • e.g. 1990

Help us reconnect with others like you

  • We would also be very grateful if you would print off and take the form below to your reunion so that your classmates who haven’t yet re-connected with the College can provide their details to us.
  • Download the St Ursula’s College Alumnae Register and print off as many copies as you think you will need.
  • After your reunion, simply pop the completed register forms in an envelope, addressed to: Alumnae Relations, St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove, 69 Caroline St, Kingsgrove NSW 2208.
  • Alternatively, you can scan or photograph the forms and email to with the subject line: Alumnae relations
  • Any questions can be directed to College Reception by phone at 9502 3300.

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