Faith in action

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Our youth ministry goal at St Ursula’s is for each student to know their faith and act upon it.

We support students by:

  • Fostering the personal and spiritual growth of each young person
  • Drawing our young people into responsible participation in the life, mission and work of the Catholic faith community
  • Empowering students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today.

Living the Gospel

Our College motto ‘SERVIAM’ – I will serve – calls on everyone in our community to find practical ways to live the Gospel values and participate in the world as Christian leaders.

Community outreach

Our staff and students are heavily involved in community outreach, through visits to local nursing homes, helping to run the One Meal Initiative at Riverwood, supporting the Breakfast Club at St Patrick’s Church Hill, as well as active involvement in initiatives by Catholic agencies such as Caritas, CatholicCare Sydney and St Vincent De Paul.


A student-run Rosary Group meets weekly to pray and our community service program ensures students are given many opportunities to put their faith into action.


Students and staff are involved in a range of evangelisation opportunities and immersion experiences, including World Youth Day, Australian Catholic Youth Festival and others which promote Ursuline spirituality.


The College has developed a connection with the Santa Teresa Parish in the Northern Territory, which enables students to take part in a hands-on ministry; working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community in a preschool, community centre and spirituality centre. This immersion has increased our students’ awareness of the needs of Indigenous Australian people in the region. It encourages students to do more to support Reconciliation and grow their awareness of challenges facing Indigenous Australians.


Each year the College community fundraises for an Ursuline community. Recently, we have supported the building of a road into an Ursuline preschool in Cambodia and the expansion of that school from kindergarten into a primary school. We plan to offer opportunities for a student immersion to the school in the near future, so that students can see first-hand the benefits of their fundraising and the great work of other Ursuline communities internationally.