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The St Ursula’s College House Cup is a College-wide initiative that fosters engagement with school activities, helps students build links with their peers across year groups and galvanises school spirit.

At the commencement of their time at the College, our students are placed into a house, where they join with their fellow housemates to earn points in friendly competition with other houses.

Houses accrue points across the year, with points earned through students’ engagement with events such as the swimming carnival and sports carnival, as well as other College activities like charitable missions, social justice programs and fundraising. At the end of the year, the house with the most points is awarded the coveted House Cup.

In 2021, we introduced a new house system comprised of six houses, each with an inspiring name, patron, symbol, motto and colour. Present in all the houses is the central element of ‘insieme’, which means together and symbolises the important role the House Cup plays in uniting the St Ursula’s College community.

St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove Houses


House Patrons – Elisabetta Girelli and Maddalena Girelli
Elisabetta Girelli was born in Brescia on September 26, 1839 and died on January 21, 1919. Her sister Maddalena Girelli was born on October 3, 1838 and died on March 7, 1923. Their company was based around the idea of providing maternal love to many women who were pregnant and provided spiritual training for the young. The Girelli’s established boarding schools, the Angelini orphanage and also set up a nursery school.
House Symbol – Two women united
The symbol of the two women united represents the Girelii sisters who had a common goal to look after and care for young women. They had a common desire and commitment to the spiritual training of young women.
House Colour – Fuchsia Pink
House Motto – Insieme: United in Thought
The Girelli motto is about being unanimous in thought, desire and commitment. This represents how the two sisters lived their lives, always united in their ideas and working together to reach a common goal.
2021 House Leaders – Zafira Leontsinis, Rheanna Leontsinis, Bianca Dyet
Teacher House Leader – Mr Boscov


House Patron – Angela Merici
Angela Merici was born 21 March 1474, at Desenzano, a small town on the southwestern shore of Lake Garda in Italy. Angela’s story of faith started when her father used to tell her stories from the Bible. He would ask Angela who her favourite Saint was and she would always choose Saint Ursula. Angela founded the Company of St Ursula in 1535. She gave women the option of staying at home and dedicating their life to God. The desire to empower women remains an important part of Ursuline life today.
House Symbol – Olive Branch
The olive is an important symbol of St Angela, as she was in the fields of Brudazzo, watching workers picking olives, when she received a vision telling her to form a company of women.
House Colour – Sicilian Olive
House Motto – Insieme: United in Action
This motto relates to Angela’s spoken phrase “Do something, get moving.” Angela was an advocate for action, always encouraging those around her to do something for those who couldn’t. Inspired by Angela, Merici house encourages everyone to stand together in action.
2021 House Leaders – Maya Fernandez, Eva Baricevic, Kayla Kairouz
Teacher House Leader – Mr Sells


House Patron – Mother Veronica Purcell
Mother Veronica Purcell was the Prioress of the first Ursuline Community in Ashbury. Ashbury Parish was established in 1929 by Fr Edward McMahon, who then asked the Ursuline Sisters to start a school. Led by Mother Veronica Purcell, St Francis Xavier Primary School Ashbury opened on February 4th, 1930.
House Symbol – Flower
A flower symbolises layers and growth. Throughout Mother Veronica Purcell’s journey, she and her fellow sisters grew and developed as strong and fearless women.
House Colour – Ultra Violet
House Motto – Insieme: United in Compassion
This motto relates to the Ursuline vision of being compassionate towards one another. In leading the first Ursuline school in Sydney, Sr Purcell ensured that it was built on the value of compassion.
2021 House Leaders – Zara Rodriguez, Tahlia Waters, Lucy Marta
Teacher House Leader – Ms Nobrega


House Patron – Sister Cordula Rowland
Sister Cordula Rowland was an Ursuline Nun who taught many students at a boarding school run by the Ursuline Sisters. She was very focused on creativity, teaching Art and English, and advocated for equality, development and growth in education for all students. When the Ursuline Sisters journeyed to Australia, she painted an image of their ship, the Duchess of Edinburgh. She was a gifted educator who placed emphasis on the formation of character.
House Symbol – Paintbrush and Palette
The Paintbrush and Palette represent Sister Rowland’s creativity and the way in which she integrated it into all her work.
House Colour – Brilliant Azure
House Motto – Insieme: United in Integrity
The motto is based on the belief that, women of integrity have the power to influence society. Sr Cordula Rowland strived to introduce new subjects to the curriculum and recognised the necessity for students to receive equal education.
2021 House Leaders – Stephanie Zygouras, Arianna Markas
Teacher House Leader – Mr Fewkes


House Patron – Sr Ursula Sheahan
Sr Ursula Sheahan was the first Principal of St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove in 1957. She detailed the history of the Ursuline sisters in Kingsgrove in her book Green Pastures.
House Symbol – Wheat Branch and Crucifix
The crucifix represents Christianity and the religious school St Ursula Sheahan established. Wheat symbolises growth, guidance and prosperity: all principles of this Ursuline community.
House Colour – Deep Golden Yellow
House Motto – Insieme: United in Growth
The motto is reflective of Sr Ursula Sheahan offering spiritual guidance and intellectual awakening to students. She loved and guided young people through childhood and adolescence to become strong adults.
2021 House Leaders – Alice Mason, Alessia Briscas
Teacher House Leader – Mrs Nader


House Patron – Auguste Wippern
Sister Auguste Wippern was born in Germany on 16 July, 1864. She was a pious girl from a young age and had a passion for teaching. She joined the Duderstadt convent on 16 April, 1846. On 24 October, 1849 she took the religious name Bernard. She had a great interest in social work and a love for children. She was heavily involved with the poor, giving them money and mending clothes for them. As part of the Ursuline order, she travelled to Australia and immersed herself within the Armidale community. Her driven and caring nature led to a chapel being built in 1886 after only four years of the sisters being in Armidale.
House Symbol – Heart
The heart symbolises Auguste Wippern’s strong compassion and the motherly love she gave to all she met. It shows her strong and dignified character.
House Colour – Deep Red
House Motto – Insieme: United in Strength
The motto was chosen because Sisters Auguste Wippern was a strong and compassionate person, who used her strength to bring happiness and love to all.
2021 House Leaders – Alessia Micalizzi, Mia Barbara, Maddison Mrmacovski
Teacher House Leader – Ms Morabito